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Best Workout Clothes For Women

When it comes to exercise, we all want to feel comfortable and look good in our gear. And that’s why there are so many options out there — from workout dresses to sweatpants and everything in between.

Can you wear leggings to sleep?

Our favorite workout clothes for women are comfy and cute, but also functional and fit our lifestyle. That’s why we rounded up the best leggings, sports bras, and workout tops for women who need a little something extra to help them reach their health goals.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for athletic wear for women gear is that it should be moisture-wicking. Cotton isn’t a great choice because it absorbs moisture, which can make you feel clammy and uncomfortable. Moisture-wicking fabrics draw moisture away from the skin and evaporate it through the surface of the fabric, keeping you dry throughout your workout.

Lululemon’s extensive line of workout apparel has a lot to offer for the active girl. The brand’s products are backed by celeb endorsement and cover a variety of different exercises, from yoga to running to hiking.


Owned by Gap, Athleta is known for its inclusive size range and culture. Its collection of women’s and kids’ clothing is designed to celebrate all ages, body types, and abilities in its marketing, advertising, and in-store experience.

FP Movement

Free People’s in-house line FP Movement combines the label’s boho-chic aesthetic with a wide array of athleisure staples. Their leggings are a viral favorite thanks to their super-cute flared pants, and the brand offers a full collection of athletic tops and bottoms. All of them feature a unique design element that sets them apart from other fitness brands, like ruffles, textures, washes, prints, or decorative cutouts.