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Boost Your Mood With Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Flowers can be an amazing mood lift.

Studies have shown that looking at a flower can boost energy levels and improve your mood, Get Flower Power in the morning! Just a few blooms on your desk, in a vase, or hanging from the ceiling can be a quick and easy way to brighten up your day.

Plants and flowers have long been known to oxygenate the brain, which helps with memory, focus, and concentration. They also help relieve stress and anxiety.

They can be an excellent way to support the mental health of your loved ones if they are feeling stressed or anxious. Taking a few moments to surround your loved one with fresh flowers can help them calm down and relax.

If you’re in a hospital, flowers can make patients feel less anxious and reduce their need for post-operative care. A 2008 study found that hospital patients who were given a bouquet felt less stressed, were happier with their recovery and needed fewer post-operative sedatives than patients without flowers in their room.

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Over 30% of women suffer from a lack of natural acidity in their vagina. If you’re experiencing vaginal burning, odor and itching, try a boric acid suppository to help your body return to its normal ph balance.

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Small pets need variety in their diets to remain healthy. This herb blend includes a selection of grasses, flowers, herbs and bark for variety and texture.