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Christmas Tree Collar – The Modern Day Alternative to the Traditional Tree Skirt

basket tree collar


Unlike a tree skirt that goes around the entire base, a basket tree collar is just a one piece and you place your tree stand inside of it. You can find a wide range of styles from metal to wicker to wood to fabric and there’s even one that looks just like a basket! Find out basket tree collar –

When selecting a collar it’s important to measure the base of your tree stand to make sure the opening is large enough to fit. Also consider the material; plastic and some metal tree collars will be more durable than a fabric or woven one. It’s also a good idea to prioritize your must-have features; for example, if you plan to use a tree collar to store your stand, it might be best to opt for a hinged design.

Elevate Your Christmas Tree: Decorating with a Basket Tree Collar

If you don’t want to buy a Christmas tree collar but are dying to have the look, try one of these three easy DIY hacks. You can dress up an inexpensive metal bucket, turn a cardboard box into a festive tree collar with shelf liner or adhesive wallpaper, or make a reusable wicker one out of a basket you already own. Just be sure to select a sturdy basket that won’t leak when it rains!