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Experience Quality Canadian Cannabis in 2022

Experience Quality Canadian Cannabis

Experience Quality Canadian Cannabis of Canadians (88%) reported agreeing or strongly agreeing that they had access to enough trustworthy information about the health risks and benefits of using cannabis. This was unchanged from 2021.

When asked about how they obtained their cannabis, most people bought it from a storefront (36%, up from 28% in 2021), or from friends and family (25%, unchanged). Some also reported buying it from an unlicensed online retailer (15%, down from 17% in 2021) and from a dealer (18%, down from 22% in 2021).

While the vast majority of Canadians (84%) reported that they did not feel pressure to use cannabis, 69% said they have been approached by someone trying to get them to use it. Of these, most were young adults (18-34 years old) trying to persuade them through social media and text messages (45%).

Maple Leaf Magic: A Journey to Experience Quality Canadian Cannabis

Health Canada’s response to MJBizDaily indicates that two federal ministers, Duclos and Bennett – not Rosenberg as an independent chair – selected the panel members. The internal Terms of Reference include instructions for the panel to create an Indigenous engagement plan to foster participation and a stipulation that the review “be conducted in a way that advances core principles outlined in UNDRIP” – the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The review is expected to wrap up by March 2024.