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How the Thonon Diet Works

Invented by a doctor at Thonon les Bains University Hospital, this diet promises dazzling results: 10 kilos in just two weeks, provided you follow it very strictly. It requires a high level of motivation and a daily commitment to follow the menu to the letter without deviation. Carbohydrates are banned, while protein is the main focus of the meal – from animal to vegetable sources such as eggs, ham and fish.

The meal plan focuses on a regime thonon menu that are low in glycemic index (GI) and helps the body burn calories at a slower rate. This helps control blood sugar levels and prevents cravings. During the first phase of the Thonon diet, which lasts 14 days, carbohydrates and fats are completely forbidden.

In the second phase, known as stabilization, you can reintroduce fruits, vegetables and some whole grains. You can also reintroduce yoghurt and lean proteins. The goal is to achieve a balance between the various food groups and avoid regaining weight after the diet.

Comprendre le Fonctionnement du Régime Thonon : Principes de Perte de Poids et Résultats Attendus

The Thonon diet is a very restrictive meal plan that would be difficult for most people to stick with. It’s not recommended for children, elderly people or pregnant women. The meal plan is also high in sodium and can lead to dehydration and nutrient deficiencies. Moreover, it’s not safe to lose a large amount of weight very quickly. This type of dieting is often referred to as “crash dieting” and can cause long-term metabolic damage.