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How to Break Into Sports Broadcasting

Whether they’re watching a game at home or cheering their favorite team on the sidelines, sports fans love to hear and see the analysis and commentary that broadcasters provide. The best broadcasters can make viewers feel like they are part of the action, capturing the thrill of the moment. They are also experts on the rules of the games, and can offer historical context or other background information that helps the viewer understand what is happening. Read more

Many talented sports broadcasters begin their careers at smaller stations in less-populated markets, often working on the radio or in the studio. After years of hard work, they can build a name for themselves, and then seek out opportunities to move to larger teams or networks. For these people, it’s often helpful to sign with a talent agency that can help them get the jobs they want at the best places. For example, IF Management has helped place many of today’s most celebrated sports broadcasters.

Famous Calls in Sports History: Commentators Who Made a Difference

With hundreds of TV and radio sports channels, there are more opportunities than ever to broadcast sports. However, breaking into the field can be a daunting task, even for people with outstanding broadcasting and communication skills. It’s important to develop a strong demo reel and start networking early on, getting to know other sports broadcasters who can share their advice and connect you with the right people as your career evolves. You’ll also find it useful to attend networking events or conferences that are specifically geared towards sports media professionals, as these can be great opportunities to meet and learn from others who have been in your shoes.