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How to Set Up Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads is a primarily visual platform, so the best way to stand out is with compelling creative. In addition, the platform is designed for Pinners to plan for key life moments, like holidays or weddings, so ads that resonate with this audience are essential.

The first step in setting up an ad is to choose your objective and bid type. You’ll also name the campaign and establish a budget (the maximum amount you’d be willing to pay per click). Pinterest will automatically set up your ad with default settings that they believe are most likely to drive results, but it’s always a good idea to experiment to see what works best for your specific brand.

Pinning for Success: Exploring Pinterest Ads

After choosing your objective, you’ll have the option to select a Pin from one of your boards or a paid partnership or create a new Pin. The ad creator will then ask you to add a headline and description (the text that appears above your Pin). Remember to keep it short and sweet, as users come to Pinterest for appealing imagery and creative ideas, not to be slammed with ads.

From here, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of different ad formats. For example, you can choose to create a collection ad, which showcases multiple products and their prices and availability. Or, you can go with a carousel ad that allows you to show multiple images or videos, such as Old Navy’s ad “Jeans for Everybody.” This format can be particularly effective on mobile devices.