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LocateScore – Streamline Verification of Users and Payments With Phone Number Score

The phone number score network carriers assign a reputation score to every phone number based on multiple factors. These ratings help them weed out spammy numbers from legitimate ones. However, the exact variables used to determine this rating aren’t publicly available. So how can you make sure your business number isn’t going to be marked as “Scam Likely” on your customers’ phones?

Streamline verification of users and payments with powerful phone number fraud risk scoring. Our system analyzes a combination of 30+ real-time signals to detect bots, fake accounts, suspicious payments and other bad actors. Our comprehensive lookup also includes phone type, location, telecom carrier, line status (active/inactive), VOIP and other telephony information to better understand the user’s identity.

Bot or Not: Strategies for Identifying and Handling Automated Traffic

This intelligence helps identify ongoing user risk patterns that would be missed with just two-factor authentication (2FA). It also allows for a more dynamic treatment and mitigation strategy to prevent future fraudulent activities.

Our phone number score is a unique and innovative approach to detecting fraud. It is a dynamic system that combines real-time data from the analytic platforms Hiya, First Orion and Transaction Network Services, analyzing numerous data points to determine the risk level associated with a specific phone number. It takes into consideration phone number velocity, traffic patterns, history of fraud and other factors that influence a phone number’s reputation score to make an accurate risk assessment in real time.

With LocateScore, you can reach 80% of your RPCs with 50% of your phone inventory by focusing on the right numbers while eliminating the wrong ones. It’s more efficient than using a traditional dialing method, reduces risk and doesn’t handcuff you with huge minimums or extended contracts.