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Mathews Compound Bow – V3X


As one of the most popular bow manufacturers in the world, Mathews Compound bow has focused on advancing basic bow technology for years. The V3X, however, takes the company’s bow engineering skills to new heights by integrating the entire system for balanced cohesion and efficiency.

The 2022 flagship’s core of innovation begins with the all-new CrossCentric Cam. This innovative system synchronizes the top and bottom cams with each other to create true straight and level nock travel, which in turn leads to consistent, repeatable accuracy.

Mathews Compound Bows: A Legacy of Performance and Precision

It also eliminates vibration at the shot, which translates to an extremely quiet bow. Combined with a smooth draw cycle and very little hand shock, this bow is a delight to shoot.

Also new is the Centerguard Cable Containment System. It angles down from above the rest mount and aligns the rollers with the limb pocket’s crossover point for even cable alignment and added vane clearance.

These innovations combine to make the V3X the most streamlined hunting bow ever produced. Available in 7 finishes, including Black, Lost Camo XD, Realtree Edge, First Lite Specter, Ridge Reaper Barren and Sitka Subalpine Pattern, this model can be set up with 60 and 70 pound draw weights.

The Image also retains the integrated rest mounts Mathews introduced on its flagship bows a few years ago. These mounts clamp to the dovetails on the riser’s back and eliminate the need for a separate rest arm that screws into a rest hole on the bow’s sidewall. This, too, streamlines accessories and adds to the bow’s nimble handling qualities.