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Meet Our Instructors

Meet Our Instructors

Meet Our Instructors a world of online courses, it is important for students to know who they are going to be working with. This is especially true for those that are taking a course from a remote university. In most cases, a professor will be assigned to teach the class and will be responsible for all interactions with the students. While there are some instructors that do this well, others do not.

One way to keep students connected with their instructors is to use video chat software. This will allow students to see the instructor’s face while talking, and can also encourage students to ask questions. Another way to connect with instructors is through live streaming. This will give students the opportunity to interact with the instructor while the class is in session, and can also help them get a feel for how much their instructor likes teaching.

Get to Know Our Yoga Instructors: The Heart and Soul of Our Studio

Dr. Cotter has been involved in education for over 25 years, both as a teacher and an administrator. Her passion is student-centered learning strategies that incorporate innovative practices infused with Educational Technology to support 21st century skills (collaboration, creativity, communication and problem solving). She has presented at many conferences including NJSAL, ASHIE, HACU and ISTE. She currently runs training for Supplemental Instruction Leaders three times a year. She has extensive experience in science and STEM education, and is an advocate for social-emotional learning. She has taught at both the middle school and high school level.