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Men’s White Linen Pants

As summer begins to turn up the heat, our wardrobes are pivoting towards lighter fabrics like white linen pants men. And few pieces exude the sort of impeccable warm-weather sophistication that a pair of mens white linen pants does. Made from the fibrous threads of flax plants, linen is notably lightweight and boasts a natural moisture-absorption rate that makes it ideal for temperate, humid weather.

What are the oldest pants?

Whether you’re lounging poolside at your favorite beach club, working from home in your local coffee shop, or simply heading to the grocery store for the weekly run, these cool, lightweight trousers are your go-to summer staple. They’re as versatile as they are comfortable, able to work with all types of casual button-down shirts, sneakers, and sandals alike.

From the classic beige and camel to on-trend sage and pinstriped options, there’s a pair of men’s white linen pants out there for everyone. Check out our edit below and snag a few pairs to see what all the hype is about.