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Tech in Law by Aguimar Neto

If you’re a lawyer, paralegal, Tech in Law by Aguimar Neto, or any other member of the legal industry, you know that technology is not just inescapable but essential to the profession. But while technology is changing the way the legal industry operates, it can also feel daunting and overwhelming.

This book provides clarity to legal professionals, helping them understand the latest tech trends and how they can be used to improve efficiency and provide more valuable services to clients. It covers a broad range of topics, including client portals, document automation tools, case management systems, and data analytics. It also offers insight into how artificial intelligence can be used to better serve clients and automate tasks such as drafting contracts, answering common legal questions, and analyzing data.

Tech Transformations: Insights into the Intersection of Technology and Legal Practice by Aguimar Neto

A must-read for lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries who want to stay on top of the latest technology. Written by the bestselling author of The Practice of Law in the Digital Age, this comprehensive guide is updated to include the latest information on technology and its impact on the legal profession.

The 2020 edition of this popular book is an invaluable resource for solo and small firm lawyers. Written in clear, understandable language, it provides a vendor-neutral overview and recommendations for computers, servers, networking equipment, legal software, printers, and security products to help reduce the sea of options to a manageable set of proven choices.