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What Is a Lead Dog?

A lead dog is a sled dog positioned in the front of a team, setting direction and regulating speed. A musher will typically put a highly intelligent dog into this role, which involves responding to commands and maintaining the pack’s pace. A good lead dog will be strong and agile enough to avoid being caught by a wheel or other dogs in the back of the sled, yet still obey all the musher’s orders. Go here

A good attitude is also important for a lead dog, as they often have to deal with difficult conditions or obstacles during a race, such as a blown-in trail or tough storms. A great lead dog will see these challenges as opportunities to excel rather than a reason to quit.

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The musher will also choose a good lead dog based on their temperament and ability to keep the other dogs calm. A calm dog will be able to work in a variety of weather and trail conditions, and also have the ability to “read” the other dogs to determine whether or not it’s safe to move ahead. A dog that is very excitable and eager to run will make a good lead dog as well, but the musher should also be able to control their enthusiasm.

If a pet is suspected of ingesting lead, it’s important to bring them to a veterinarian right away for evaluation and treatment. The veterinarian will be able to tell how much lead they consumed by taking a complete history and performing a physical exam, including x-rays and bloodwork.